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    TMH (United Arab Emirates)

    Project Title: Play
    Client or Class Name: Galadari - www.galadarihotel.lk

    The Brief

    Play is not just dining venue – it’s a state of mind! It’s a place for the thinkers, the dreamers, the trendsetters and the mavericks, everyone who approaches life in a more playful way. The brandmark reflects a similar playful yet mysterious feel to it using the letters from the name to create a coded-like emblem. This is the place where those looking for a destination that reflects their outlook on life, their style and their aspirations can get together, socialise, laugh and enjoy exceptional food, drinks and music in a unique atmosphere designed to stimulate all the senses.

    2016 Logo Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Design Director:
    Dareen Taji


    2016 Logo Design Award Winner


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