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    Project Title: Incas Treasure
    Client or Class Name: Inca's Treasure - https://www.linkedin.com/company/inca's-treasure

    Inca ‘s Treasure is a Brand thats is represented by the Andean cosmovision. This concept believes that the espiritual world , human world and the Pachamama (Mother Earth ) , are a universe that are permanently related. That whole view of nature, is to Andean culture, a living being. The man has a soul, a life force , and so do all plants, animals and mountains, etc. Since man is nature itself , does not dominate , nor seeks to dominate . Lives and exists in nature as a moment of it.

    The logo and patterns used for this project, are an abstraction of the matrix of the Andean cosmovision. It is generated by a circle with a horizontal and vertical stripes representing the three mentioned sections. The matrix allows us to generate pictorial patterns that is transformed into graphic imagery. This bold and striking approach will help us to expand the product line over time. We able to use this matrix as a plataform to keep the brand stylish and fresh. This unique and complex system will aloud us to developed a pictographic language that will be apply in each single product.

    This brand sells products that comes from lands in Latin America. Co ee, chocolate and quinoa and are part of the products we have inherited.

    2014 Food packaging Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    José García Eguiguren


    2014 Food packaging Design Award Winner 2014 Food packaging Design Award Winner 2014 Food packaging Design Award Winner 2014 Food packaging Design Award Winner


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