• Garuda Indonesia – Colours November 2015 – Lego-Lego Love


    Agency Fish Asia (Indonesia)

    Project Title: Garuda Indonesia – Colours November 2015 – Lego-Lego Love
    Client or Class Name: Garuda Indonesia - https://www.garuda-indonesia.com/other-countries/en/index.page

    Colours is the in-flight magazine for Garuda Indonesia, placed in every seat pocket on Garuda Indonesia flights.

    The airline’s brand values – positivity, genuine, bright, warm, dynamic – are clearly evoked throughout with careful choice of editorial and images, while the ‘five senses’ side bars found in all main features directly communicate Garuda Indonesia ‘five senses’ experience – a key component of their brand.
    Garuda Indonesia is evolving into a strong and distinguished airline, providing outstanding Indonesian hospitality. Garuda’s responsibility is to promote Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage and diversity to the world and support national economic development by delivering unrivalled professional in-flight services.

    Colours reflects the incredible wealth and diversity of Indonesia, its natural resources, art, culture and people, while promoting the corporate values and global aspirations of Garuda Indonesia in its journey to becoming a 5-star airline.

    We use a mix of world-leading creatives and up-and-coming ones, and go the extra mile to cover a breadth of features and destinations.

    2016 Magazine Photography Design Award Winner


    Creative Team

    Jennifer Hayes



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