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    Project Title: EffectiveUI Website Redesign
    Client or Class Name: EffectiveUI - www.effectiveui.com

    2015 Website b2b Design Award Winner

    About the EffectiveUI Website Redesign

    Agencies that create websites for clients often don’t do such a good job on their own site. When we set out to redesign effectiveui.com, we dismissed this notion and sought to get closer to our brand than anyone ever had, doing quite a bit of research and strategic planning before beginning the design effort.
    Through our research we knew that a prospect coming to an agency website really wants to know the answer to this question: “What’s the agency’s story in our space?

    Our strategy: Make this question easy to answer by segmenting client stories into verticals, and telling the best, most transformational stories in those segments.

    A full explanation of our process can be found here: http://www.wpp.com/wpp/marketing/digital/agency-websites-cobblers-shoes/

    View the “Before” images in the gallery below.


    Creative Team

    Art Director:
    Noah Dempewolf

    VP of UX & Design:
    Tim Wood

    VP of Brand Strategy & Innovation:
    David Maren

    Senior Outreach Manager:
    Catherine Horning

    Kevin Bauman

    UI Developer:
    Trenton Kennedy

    UI Developer:
    Mikey McOrmond

    User Experience Designer:
    Bryan Ricci

    Lead Experience Architect:
    Roman Blagovirnyy

    Dave Scott

    Lead Experience Architect:
    Trey Secord

    Lead Experience Planner:
    Shane Johnston

    Lead Experience Architect:
    Dustin Chambers

    UI Developer:
    Kevin Stussman

    Director of IT:
    Bret Wilcox


    2015 Website b2b Design Award Winner 2015 Website b2b Design Award Winner 2015 Website b2b Design Award Winner 2015 Website b2b Design Award Winner