• CPR Beat

    Alternative Media
    Ambient Media

    Ewha Womans University (South Korea)

    Project Title: CPR Beat
    Client or Class Name: Sol Academy - https://www.ewha.ac.kr/mbs/ewhaen/

    CPR Beat is an auditory campaign that informs the most appropriate beat of CPR to all Hilton hotel guests. Hotel guests will become heroes when they save a drowning person in hotel swimming pools by listening to the background music which has a beat of 100 BPM. Since 100 BPM is the most proper beat to perform CPR, CPR Beat will change any song’s beat to exactly 100 BPM that is playing in the hotel swimming pools. With this campagian, Hilton hotels will guarantee their hotel guests’ safety and satisfying visits in Hilton thoroughly.


    Creative Team

    Copy writer:
    Juwon Park

    Motion graphic designer:
    Changhun Song

    Art director:
    Kyungmin Yoon

    Jiwoong Jung



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