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    Project Title: Cana Rice
    Client or Class Name: Cana Rice - www.canarice.com

    Vietnamese rice has in recent years increased in popularity.  The branding strategy of Cana Rice promotes the natural fine fragrant taste of Vietnamese rice encouraging the consumer to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  Cana Rice is committed to promoting high quality Vietnamese rice via various social media channels and food expos.  For customer convenience a simple and handy 1kg bag of rice packaging was designed for smaller families.

    The rice packaging was designed for smaller families and consumer who pursue a healthy lifestyle.

    Vietnam has great natural resources and has become one of the world’s richest agricultural regions.  As land is of abundance and full of natural and valuable resources Vietnam has become an important part of agricultural development.  The Cana Rice packaging design was inspired by nature, the pearly texture of the rice is revealed through a translucent packaging.  The rice and the rich landscapes of Vietnam amalgamate in perfect harmony to capture the consumer’s attention to buy and try one of Vietnam’s natural agricultural delicacies!

    Chinese calligraphy plays an integral part of Cana Rice’s logo design.  Placed vertically and in a central position surrounded by beautiful elements of Vietnamese culture; conical hat, rice crops, river and highlands are combined to portray a lyrical abstract painting.  The greenish-blue colour associated with nature is commonly used in Vietnam fabrics and interiors.  By choosing a monochromatic colour scheme and extending its shades, tones and tints create a unique calming appearance.  The result is an enrichment of harmony and composition – a reflection of the Vietnam and its people.


    Creative Team

    Creative Director:
    Vince Cheung

    Graphic Designer:
    Koan Tse


    2016 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2016 Food Packaging Design Award Winner 2016 Food Packaging Design Award Winner