• Clark Most
    Clark Most
    Along with owning RedPoint Design Direction for over 25 years, I am a tenured graphic design professor (started teaching 12 years ago) at Central Michigan University. So I am well versed with the practical as well as academic side of the profession.
    I have served as a judge for the American Advertising Federation in District 6 for clubs in Indiana (South Bend and Lafayette), Illinois (Peoria), and Michigan (Ann Arbor).
    Along with years of experience in print design, I currently spend much of my time with interface design for web, and have a history as a professional photographer and illustrator as well.
    The resume is a bit long (universities like the extra information), but a few highlights include:
    •  Communication Arts Web Pic of the day (2011)
    •  Webby Award Winner (2012)
    •  Acceptance into a couple issues of Graphic Design USA
    • An award at the AIGA Biennial in Detroit in 2011,
    • A Platinum and Gold award with Creativity
    • Multiple top awards at our AAF Ad club over the last decade. Actually, we have dominated the top 2-3 awards at the Addy’s. 7 of the last 9 years we have taken best of show/print/web or judges choice. 3 of those years we received 2 District Gold Addys and a silver.
    • Additional inclusion in books published by LogoLounge, Rockport Publishers, etc.